Important: Always ensure the intumescent paint system you are looking at using has been:

  1. Tested on the required substrate in the correct
    orientation ( eg. wall or ceiling) to current Australian
    Standards eg. AS1530.4 (2005)
  2. Tested by a NATA Registered Authority
  3. Achieved the proposed FRL and or RISF
  4. Tested under load (structural adequacy) if required
  5. Test reports / certificates are current

CAP Coatings commitment to product development is evident by our ongoing testing programme, setting the benchmark for intumescent coatings tested to Australian standards.

Product testing provides assurance that our passive fire systems meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and is essential for local Government and certifier approval. CAP Coatings’ product tests are conducted at internationally recognised facilities including CSIRO’s fire test laboratory at North Ryde in Sydney.

CAP Coatings also provides customised coating solutions, designed, tested and implemented to meet specific fire rating and application requirements.


SubstrateStandardFRL (min)RISF (min)
Plasterboard (Standard)AS1530.4 (2005)30 / 30 / 30
60 / 60 / 60
Fibrous PlasterAS1530.4 (2005)60 / 60 / 60
90 / 90 / 90
Lath and PlasterAS1530.4 (2005)60 / 60 / 60
90 / 90 / 90
Timber AS3837Group Number

In addition to the tested systems above CAP Coatings regularly undertake research based testing at CSIRO to supplement our large scale testing programme providing additional data for Fire Engineers and certifiers to include the CAP508 system as part of fire upgrade solutions on varying substrates falling outside the tested substrates.

The CAP508 system is regularly specified to achieve 30,60 and 90 minute solutions on a wide variety of building materials.

Contact the team at CAP Coatings to discuss your fire rating requirements.