Fire Order Solutions

Achieve fire order and BCA compliance and retain existing ceilings, tested and approved fire rated coating solutions for a variety of ceiling substrates.

Fire Order Solutions


Achieve 30, 60 and 90minute fire rated ceilings by applying the CAP508 system to existing substrates, cost effective, tested and approved solutions.

Apartments Fire Rated Solutions


CAP Coatings offers non destructive fire rating solutions that retain heritage features such as ornate ceilings with the CAP508 intumescent paint systems.

Heritage Fire Rated Solutions


Fire rate timber beams the underside of timber floors and timber paneled walls and ceilings up to 60minutes with CAP fire rated coating systems.

Timber Fire Rated Solutions


Increase the Fire Resistance of concrete surfaces with CAP508 intumescent paint.

Timber Fire Rated Solutions

Hotel upgrades

CAP fire rated paint systems allow existing ceiling and wall substrates to be retained and fire rated to achieve compliance with minimal disruption.

Hotel upgrades Fire Rated Solutions


CAP Coatings specialise in custom solutions, developed, tested, applied and certified to meet your specific fire rating requirements.

Custom Fire Rated Solutions

Fire Rated Solutions

Cap Coatings Australia
  • Cost effective, intumescent paint solutions
  • 30, 60, and 90 minute fire rated paint systems
  • Tested in Australia to the most recent Australian standards
  • Custom solutions developed and tested to meet clients’ needs
  • Experienced approved applicators
  • Quality controlled process
  • Approval by Councils and/or certifiers across Australia
  • Thin film water based low VOC fire rated coatings
  • Industry first RFID information management system


The next generation of intumescent paint and passive fire protection technology. CAP intumescent paint systems deliver cost effective, tested and approved non destructive fire rated coating solutions. CAP Coatings Intumescent Paint (also known as intumescent coating, fire paint, fire rated paint, fire retardant paint, fire proof paint) expands into an insulating char up to 50mm thick during a fire situation, protecting the underlying substrate beneath.

Designed primarily to fire rate ceilings and walls CAP fire resistant coatings are suitable for most interiors and selected exteriors, with approved top coats, CAP Coatings deliver a paint quality finish in your choice of colour. Quick to apply, low VOC, fast drying water-based technology makes for easy application, clean up and low impact on the environment with minimal disruption to businesses or residents. Retain existing surfaces without the need to replace with fire rated linings.

CAP Coatings’ product tests are conducted at internationally recognised facilities including CSIRO’s fire test laboratory at North Ryde in Sydney. Class leading test results on a variety of substrates to Australian standards such as AS1530.4, AS3837 and AS1530.3 combined with approved applicators, thin film high quality finishes and the industry first CAPMark information and quality control system, has seen CAP Coatings solutions specified on a wide variety of projects across Australia. CAP helps to save lives and protect property.