• Retention of walls and ceilings is integral to retaining a building’s heritage value. Very often the surfaces are ornate and richly decorated.
  • Heritage construction methods are often in conflict with current fire standards
  • CAP Coatings offers non destructive fire rating solutions that retain heritage features such as ornate ceilings
  • CAP Coatings offers a way to fire rate existing heritage ceilings to achieve compliance without the need to replace with fire rated linings
  • CAP508 intumescent paint achieves fire ratings of up to 90 minutes on fibrous plaster, lath and plaster and pressed metal substrates
  • CAP508’s thin film technology minimises loss of detail, and provides a high grade finish
  • Surfaces are topcoated to meet architectural colour and finish requirements
  • CAP508 has been tested in Australia to the current Australian standard AS1530.4
  • CAP508 is regularly specified on high profile Heritage projects across Australia

Case Studies