Custom roof solution


  • Substrate: Foam
  • Fire Rating: Custom
  • Polyurethane foam used in the original construction of this large existing roof structure became a fire risk when plans for a new roof revealed a potential for fire in the cavity created between the old and new roof systems.
  • CAP Coatings worked closely with the client and their insurance company to develop a custom solution which significantly reduced the risk of fire in the roof cavity. The CAP Coatings system encapsulated the highly flammable polyurethane foam improving its early fire hazard properties when exposed to a fire source.  The CAP Coatings system (incorporating surface preparation, primer, fire rated coating and weather rated coating) was custom tested and met the fire rating requirements of the client’s insurers.
  • The custom CAP Coatings system provided a highly efficient, cost effective, durable solution and allowed the project to be completed ahead of schedule.  The client’s insurance premiums were substantially reduced.

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