CAPMark RFID Information System

The CAPMark RFID on site data system records and maintains information about fire protection systems in a building – usually used for certification and ongoing inspection and maintenance purposes.

Key features include:

  • A CAPMark tag located in a fire cell labelled in standardised form and location
  • The CAPMark tag contains location specific information that can be read and updated (including proof and outcome of an annual fire inspection)
  • The information encoded on the tag is stored in a central data base along with other relevant documents, photographs etc which can be easily accessed through the CAP Coatings portal
  • The CAPMark tag is able to be read by any authorised person
  • The CAPMark system centrally retains additional building information
  • The CAPMark system stores a buildings’ history of updated compliance status
  • An off-site back up process