Hospital & Aged Care

  • Improving compliance with fire standards in Australia’s hospital and aged care facilities is a priority. Many of the buildings are older and prove difficult to protect
  • CAP Coatings fire rates existing ceilings and walls with the CAP508 intumescent paint system often negating the need to install more expensive active fire systems and with consequential reductions in maintenance and ongoing costs
  • CAP508 intumescent paint has been tested to the most recent Australian Standards (AS1530.4, AS3837) by CSIRO to achieve fire ratings of up to 60 minutes on existing standard plasterboard surfaces and up to 90 minutes on fibre cement, fibrous plaster and lath and plaster ceilings
  • CAP Coatings’ approved applicators work with management and staff to coordinate an efficient schedule that has minimal disruption to residents
  • CAP508 is a water based low VOC system which allows a hospital or aged care facility to remain operational during application
  • A high level of finish is achieved with the finished system hard to distinguish from a high quality non-fire rated paint finish

Case Studies