The Ritz Nursing Home

Hospital & Aged Care

  • Substrate: Lath & Plaster
  • Substrate: Plasterboard
  • Fire Rating: 30/30/30
  • This large heritage property was built as a hotel and was a well known tourist destination for wealthy people from Sydney wanting a weekend away. Twenty years ago the property was extended and had numerous modifications made to convert it from a hotel into a 145 bed high care nursing home.
  • To meet current aged care regulations, fire upgrade works were required to achieve a minimum Fire Resistance Level of 30/30/30 on the patchwork of substrates that formed the structural and separating walls. The CAP508 intumescent paint system applied achieved the required level of fire protection
  • Centre management and the CAP Coatings application team designed and implemented a project plan that allowed the centre to remain open with small areas vacated for short periods during the fire protection works. The works were completed with minimal disruption to management, staff and residents.

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