Aged Care Centre Sydney

Hospital & Aged Care

  • Substrate: Plasterboard
  • Fire Rating: 60/60/60
  • RISF: 60 minutes
  • Aged care centres are required to comply with a high standard of fire protection because of the lack of mobility of some residents. To comply with Building Code of Australia regulations, this single story centre required a system that provided a Resistance to Incipient Spread of Flame (RISF) of 60minutes applied to the ceilings of all units. The key objective was to prevent the spread of fire through the open roof cavity between units.
  • Rather than replacing the ceilings with fire rated linings or attempting to build up fire rated walls within the roof cavity the CAP508 system was used to achieve the 60 minute RISF rating quickly and with minimal disruption to the operation of the centre. Ceilings were finished to a high standard and top coated to match colour requirements.
  • CAP Coatings approved applicators worked with centre staff and managers and ensured an efficient cost effective solution that complied with the regulations.

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